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A Little Bit Of My History

Born In Jersey City, NJ, Raised By His Grandmother, Who Always Helped Him Stay Positive, By Showing Him How To Be A Man And Teaching Him The Difference Between Right And Wrong.


Since The Release Of The Movie ``Krush Groove '' In ’85, Dj Gojabean Has Always Had An Ear For Music. Since Purchasing His First Piece Of Vinyl Entitled “King Of Rock '' By Run Dmc.


Dj Gojabean Taught Himself How To Dj By Taking Old Records And Scratching Them On His Mom’s Record Player. By Making Mixes On Tapes For Himself And Close Friends Who Have Always Shown Him Support, He Became Confident And Proud Of Himself As A Young Man And Dj In Training.


Dj Gojabean Finally Got His First Chance To Show The People And Friends Of His Neighborhood That He Had Talent. During The Van Horne Community Block Party In Jersey City, Nj He Did Just That the Crowd Responded By Cheering Him On.

Dj Gojabean Makes His Mark Today By Djing At Several Clubs And Bars Such As: Latin Lounge,Liquid Lounge,Laguna Lounge,La Esquina, Indios Pub, Berts Bar, Dramas, Ole’s, Sandbar, Lucy’s Cafe, Mahogany’s, The Lemon Tree Lounge,Torres Tavern, Cuatro Bar And Many Many More ….


Dj Gojabean Has Also Managed To Dj At Many Of The Local Puerto Rican Day Parades & Festivals Like: Jersey City, Hoboken, Paterson And Newark Just To Name A Few.


Dj Gojabean is also Ceo Of His Own, Gojabean Muzik, Aka Gbm Entertainment, and Also A Member Of The Worldwide DJ Crew FleetDJ’s & Manager of the FleetDJ’s (Latin Division,New Jersey Division,Latino Mundial Radio,Stem Cell Radio & Highland Radio Stations)

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